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Lisa is the Executive Producer and Intuitive Consultant for an award-winning documentary called What If? The Movie. This amazing film focuses on humanity’s truly unlimited potential.

All People. All Faiths. All One.
A Peace Sign for a New Generation!

View Lisa’s World Unity products here.

Check out Foot Dazzle:  Lisa’s unique, handmade foot jewelry line!

Dazzling. Comfortable. Waterproof. Wear with shoes -- or without.

Foot Dazzle is a perfect gift because it stretches to fit ages 5+ and mails in a card!

Dance - Beach Holidays – Yoga – Weddings - Entertaining


The music of Deva Premal & Miten took me higher and higher into the heavenly realms as I channeled this book.

I like to say that it provided the "soundtrack" for my book! I just love it - and so do my channeled guests (particularly George Harrison and Mark Twain)!

Check it out here:

Increase Your Intuitive I.Q.

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