World Messages just for you. Heavenly messages continue to come to me and I am sharing these messages with you.

George Harrison, Nov 2018

A Message from George Harrison Nov. 2018 You have such a sweet gift in front of you. That gift is L-I-F-E! What are you doing with yours? What are you laughing about? Who are you dancing with? What are you dreaming? creating? running towards? You are here on Earth to experience your heart’s desire. What IS your heart’s desire? Do you know? Look, where I’m at these days is literally “out of this world”. It feels like it couldn’t get any better. But for all this magnificence, I still come to tell you that right where you are now, on that planet, in that incarnation, is magical. The opportunities, the growth, the experiences, the “play” - fabulous! Don’t miss a second of it! Start today by setting aside your worries, doubts and “problems”. Instead, run towards something your heart is passionate about. It could be a person. It could be…

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