This is my first blog - I hope I do it right.  Is there a right way?

The theme of my whole blog world is going to be:  Believe in Miracles! Believe in Magic!  It’s my favorite topic!

Disney once said: “Always remember that this whole thing was started with a dream and a mouse.”  For me, the dream was to help raise consciousness on the planet.  And the mouse was Walt Disney himself.

For those of you who have not read my book, I will share a little of the magic surrounding it. For those of you who have, sorry for the recap.

Dying to Tell You is my first book.  That said, I hesitate to call myself an author.  What I am is a psychic-channel-medium.  What I also am is a court reporter (you know, the girl who sits in the courtroom using that funny machine to record and transcribe the proceedings).  So how I like to put it is that this court reporter is now reporting for a higher court – not the Supreme Court, but the Celestial Court.   I am a Celestial Court reporter, you could say.  This book wasn’t so much “written” as it was “transcribed”.  I took dictation, while those in Spirit (celebrities, historical figures and Higher Master Beings) shared their wisdom from the other side, from behind the veil of death.

The book is a collection of deep, soulful, inspiring channeled messages, shared from the heart of each one of my “guests”, in an effort to help us here on Earth to live better, more meaningful, more fulfilling lives NOW, while still in our bodies.

But wait, I got ahead of myself.  I wanted to share how this all came to be in the first place…

Okay, a number of years ago, Walt Disney came to me, in Spirit, while I was with friends visiting a number of magical lakes in Alberta Canada.  (See photo below to read about THAT magic!) Anyway, he showed up “unbidden”; that is to say, uninvited, unsolicited.  He gave me a message through my good friend and medium, Delmar.  The message was to never give up on my dream and that he would help me to achieve it.  The dream he was referring to was a spiritual/comedy tv series that I was in the midst of pitching to television producers.  This tv series was channeled from Spirit a few years earlier (and is quite a magical story in itself – more about this in a future blog, I promise).  When Walt came through that day, he wanted to remind me to “hold the vision” and not to give up on my dream. I needed to hear that as I was struggling to believe at the time.

A few years later, Walt visited me again, this time directly. He came to tell me that he had a project for me to do, one that would help him say what he wanted to say, while at the same time help me get on with my spiritual purpose (to help raise consciousness on the planet).   He told me that it would be a book of channeled messages from dead celebrities and historical figures.  He gave me some of the names of the people I would channel, the title of the book and he showed me what the cover would look like.

I thought it was a wonderful idea but at the time I just didn’t feel ready to do this job. So much was going on in my life back then.  I had just seen my only child off to Europe on his gap year before University and I was grieving, as so many mothers do when they find their nest empty.  As well, I was trying to launch a new business and it needed so much of my focus and attention.

So I put it off, and it went out of my mind.

A couple of years later, Eastertime 2015, Spirit came back to remind me of this book that was still left unwritten.  I finally said yes.

And so began a wonderful journey with this iconic cast of characters, who I now consider to be friends.  I feel truly honored to be the “voice” for these others, sharing their beautiful, heartfelt words with the world because I believe their words have the potential to transform lives.  In upcoming blogs, I will talk more about the messages, and how they might be applied in our lives – and in the world. To find out what messages these folks are Dying to Tell You, check out my Book Page!

Stop by again because I’ll be sharing more magic with you. In the meantime, feel free to write and share any experiences you may have had with Spirit – I always love to hear about that!


Lisa Najjar

Gorgeous Lake O’Hara in Alberta, Canada. Some say it’s an angelic 5th dimensional lake. I wholeheartedly agree – it’s magical! I felt Archangel Michael immediately. I was certain that if my friend snapped a picture, he would show up in it. As the photo was taken I said aloud: “Archangel Michael, I know you’re here – please show yourself”. When I arrived back home, and uploaded the photo, I smiled.

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  1. Lisa, I am so happy for you and so excited for your new adventure. It makes my heart so happy to see all your dreams and wishes come true!!
    Love you and miss you so very much. Xoxoxo

  2. Thank you Lisa!!! This is truly inspiring and reinforces what I am feeling. Miracles are all around us, and when we ask for something- the universe does listen to us! It’s all about believing! I am very excited to read your book, and will be giving you some feedback once I have!

    • Thanks Summer!!! I am so happy this blog helped you in some way. Yes, lets keep believing…!!!

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