In a medium reading, it’s like I am picking up a telephone and calling your loved one that has passed. Your loved ones give you messages of comfort, peace, hope and guidance using me as a receiver, so to speak. It’s my intention and desire to call on the person you most wish to speak to, however, I cannot guarantee they will choose to “pick up”. Please keep your heart and mind open, knowing that the right person will show up with the right message at the right time.

I also bring through guides, angels and loved ones for those facing death themselves. My clients feel more peace and strength after a session, often gaining a new perspective on “the other side”, which can be transformative for souls making that journey. This work is sacred to me and I feel honored to serve in this way.

psychic readings


In a psychic reading, I will tap into your energy to provide TOMORROW’S ANSWERS…TODAY! It could be love, relationship, family, career, finance, life path, soul purpose, or something else – just bring your list of questions (and your positive attitude) and enjoy the session!

Please Note: Psychic readings only tap into the energy of NOW, while you are on this particular path. At any time, with your own FREE WILL, you can change direction, thereby changing EVERYTHING! Remember, YOU are the creator of your own reality!

Matchmaking wedding


Throw out the guesswork and make that first date your lifetime mate! If you’re contemplating or already dating, going steady or not quite ready, I will assess your can-di-DATES and help you to navigate the relationship waters. It’s sometimes not easy being “out there”! Come with your questions and experience an interactive (and often fun) reading.



30 MIN. READING - $90.00

45 MIN. READING - $135.00

60 MIN. READING - $155.00

90 MIN. READING - $225.00


You must be at least 18 YEARS OLD.

FILL IN THE FORM BELOW.  I WILL CONTACT YOU FOR SCHEDULING AND PAYMENT INSTRUCTIONS.  Readings will not be confirmed without payment at the time of scheduling.

Readings are by PHONE OR SKYPE.  All readings are PST (California, USA).

GIFT CERTIFICATES:  It’s as easy as 1-2-3!  One, fill in the form below.  Two, let me know it’s a gift at the time of payment. Three, I will email you a Gift Certificate.  Done!

REFUNDS:  No refunds on readings.  I offer a “one time only” rescheduling, with 24-hours’ notice. To reschedule this session, email me at  If you are running late for your appointment, your reading will be shorter to honor my next client’s time. In the unlikely event that I must cancel a reading, your money will be refunded. I reserve the right to end any reading at any time if I deem it would be in the client’s or my best interests to do so.

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