What would the famously dead have to say from the other side?

From Abe Lincoln and George Harrison to Shirley Temple and Marilyn Monroe, these are just a few of the dead celebrities and famous historical figures that Lisa Najjar channels in this compelling collection of messages.

FIND OUT WHY:  Albert Einstein changed his theory to “The Theory of Irrelevance”. Steve McQueen would give anything for another shot at living! Elvis Presley now resides in the heartbreak hotel. Davy Jones is still Monkeeing around.

This iconic cast of characters is dying to tell you that:

  • When we lay people to rest, they are hardly resting!
  • The grass really IS greener on the other side.
  • Dying is easy, living is hard.
  • You shouldn’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today because what you do today will live on forever!

Since crossing over to the other side, the famously dead have transformed. Let them be your guide in creating more passion and meaning in your life – and in your world! 

Lisa Najjar has always had a passion to help raise consciousness on the planet. As a medium, her ability to be a conduit from the other side and bring forth this very important information is one way that she is living her passion.